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Wingo’s bio

Denver native, Broncos fan and longtime Marin resident, Gary “Wingo” Wingert, chief technologist at Wingo Tech Rescue, started his 30-plus-year career in the data services division of Frontier Airlines, responsible for the support and maintenance of more than 160 PCs, creating weight-and-balance software that had to be approved by the FAA, and helping ensure precise data collection on all aircraft operations, in flight and on the ground. He went on to install and maintain flight information displays for a consortium of airlines at Denver International. Moving to the west coast in the eighties, he served as software engineer, developer and quality assurance manager at the pioneering database companies Ashton-Tate and Borland. At Daikin, creator of the first professional DVD authoring software, he was technical support manager for all the company’s clients, including the major Hollywood studios and post houses. At Sonic Solutions, the audio workstation developer and Lucasfilm spinoff right here in Novato, he ensured that 350 engineers, five depots and seven proxy servers located around the world were always running smoothly. Most recently, Gary was senior build and release engineer at Fundtech, a financial services software company handling 25% of America’s wire transfers — more than $250 billion dollars. Now he’s eager to put all this expertise and experience to work for you or your small business, delivering friendly service at friendly rates.



Gary Wingert
Wingo Tech Rescue