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No more cursing. No more tears. With 30 years in tech, you can count on us to make you & your machine friends again.

After decades on the tech staffs of major software, transportation and financial companies, we’re computer nerds, for sure. But we’re still friendly and eager to help. Which may not be what you’re expecting. We actually enjoy meeting new customers and solving their problems. And we fully understand that when your computer’s on the fritz, whether at home or work, there’s no problem bigger. Plus, we’re right here in Marin. Stop letting your computer drive you nuts. Call for a rescue.



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Gary “Wingo” Wingert


Just a few of the ways
Wingo can rescue you:

Computer issues

Computer frozen? Running slow? Making weird noises? Are you finding files that are corrupt or attachments that won’t open? These could be hardware or software problems. A failing drive or out-of-date driver. A thousand things. The good news? We know how to solve them all.

setups & upgrades

A new computer should be a thing of joy. Too often it’s a thing of nightmares. We can set-up your new computer, transferring files and applications. Or upgrade an old computer — adding memory or upgrading to the latest version of your favorite application. We can even help you shop for a new machine.

network issues

Can’t print? Internet slow? Video stream locking up? Interested in setting up network backup for all the computers in your house or office? Looking for a new ISP? We can fix network problems and help you make the most of network power.

video & audio

Need to digitize old VHS footage or audiocassettes? We can safely transfer, carefully edit and meticulously set up an archive on your computer or portable drive or in the cloud at, for instance, Google Drive to share with family and friends. More than computer geeks, we’re deep into audio and video.


Whether or not you have security right now, we can help. If you think you’re protected, we can check for vulnerabilities. If you know you’re not, we can install software and hardware safeguards and share our five key steps to safer computing.

macs, mobile, cloud & more

We’re PC specialists, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work on Macs. Likewise, we can help with mobile issues — syncing your devices, upgrading your OS. We can set you up with cloud backup plans & more. For tech issues of any kind, your first call for help should go to Wingo Tech Rescue.


Never trust a computer you can’t throw out the window.
— Steve Wozniak


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